Sho Online – New MMORPG Game

Sho Online is a free to play fantasy MMORPG. You need 2 GB of free space to install the game client. The recommended CPU for this game needs to be faster than 2.4 GB but the game can run decently even on PC’s equipped with slower processors. The amount of RAM needed by this game is at least 512 MB. These are the system specifications recommended by the development team. Anyone who runs Windows Vista or Windows 7 on his PC shouldn’t worry to much about the system requirements of this game.

This title has been released by LIZARD interactive Co.Ltd. the same company which has produced other games such as FunFun Arcade, and Cronous another free to play 3D fantasy video game.

The game action takes place in ancient China where two rival faction battle for supremacy for territories. The factions are Zhou and Yin. Veteran players will find a lot of similarities with Diablo 2 but this game still has a lot of new thing to discover.

You win experience in PvP battles or in monster battles. The evolution is fast up to level 10.

When you start the game you have three character classes to choose from. These classes are: The Warrior, The Assassin and The Soolsa.

The assassin distinguishes through agility and speed. Even though these class is weak in defense can compensate with strong melee attacks. The Assassins can evolve into Archers or Dagger Masters at level 10 and can use Flamethrower or Ballista. The Warrior class is remarkable with powerful melee. These class is well balanced with defense and attack. They can evolve into Adamantors or Demon Knights at level 10. They can use Crush Cart or Chariot.

Soolsa is mainly for spell casters. Their purpose is to be spell supportive magic or to use offensive attacks using magic. They will become either Taoistic Priests or Dark Soolsa at level 10. They use Catapult or Battle Wagon.

Sho Online is a fun MMORPG to play whenever you need to relax after activities. You may say that all games are designed for this, but still this game as more fun in it than others.

Whenever you need to battle the frogs, the monkeys and other monsters to wind experience points you will find a lot of weird and funny things after defeating them. Think only at the moment when after winning a battle with a frog you can collect a knife. That will make you smile thinking that this defies any logic. After all that frog used only her legs to beat you not a knife.

The bad thing about this game is that you find a lot of Chinese names for places, monsters, even items. After playing the game for a while you get used to this idiosyncrasies and you will be more focused on the action than the names of the places and items.

The game is free to play but it has some premium features because there are some items that need to be bought using credits of real life money.


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