Best Final Fantasy XIV Review

Final Fantasy – Popularity

The entertainment market is becoming vast day by day. Innumerable teenagers and adults are starting to play online games every day. Thus the need for online gaming is also increasing. The online gaming is becoming huge and global very fast. Mr. Yoichi Wada, the president and representative director of Square Enix Holdings Co. Ltd. has announced that they are speeding up their launch and taking their business up to a world class level for these reasons. They have collaborated with the Shanda Games to materialize their endeavor. Shanda Games has a great track record in online gaming in China previously. They are together working on the release of the game Final Fantasy 14 in the China market. Mr. Alan Tan, Chairman and CEO of the Shanda Games told people that they have done extensive market study and they have a wide spread market facilities for this game. He has also stated that he has full confidence on this new version of the game. The China market will have a different server other than japan, north America and Europe. The launch date has not been announced in china yet.

Final Fantasy 14 is a bestselling game. It has multi player facility and is fully video based. The final fantasy series started in 1987 and has sold over 97 million units all over the world. It is largely popular among the gaming communities all over the world and it uses brilliant graphics.

The latest version of the game has all the facilities a player wants. They have more battles, action and magic. The final fantasy 14 allows the players to change their discipline by changing their weapons only. This also helps to change in the level in the game and the class also. A player could stay in the game for a longer time period and can use different weapons. This makes the game more exciting and mind numbing. Also, this gives the player a higher level of excitement.

There are four types of disciplines in the game. They are: the disciples of war, disciples of magic, disciples of land and disciples of hand. As mentioned earlier, any player can change their discipline by simply changing their weapons. The disciplines have been segregated into different types on the basis of armory. The disciplines of war and the disciplines of magic are simple to understand. The other two disciples are more complicated. They have surprising features and players might need a little while to get used to with it. In this game a botanist can use an axe to kill the enemy. The switching of disciplines makes the character more complex. This can be shown by the following example. Under the disciples of hand, the characters can make magic potion using subcategory of alchemy. To use this feature the player has to change to the disciples of magic. This inter relation is spread throughout the game. This makes the game more complicated and far more interesting.

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