Experimenting With an Orgasm Game For Couples – Sexual Fun During Foreplay and Oral Sex

The most common problem that couples have sexually is amazingly that they put too much pressure on one another. Instead of sex being a time to celebrate the relationships and have a good time, it turns into a weird form of work where the guy’s goal is to make her orgasm. If she doesn’t orgasm, he often feels like a failure, even if the rest of the relationship is pretty solid. The irony is that all this pressure makes it far less likely that she will orgasm. This is why it can be beneficial for couples to play an orgasm game.

One thing that is important to the sexual experience is the feeling of regression: returning to a fun-loving, carefree state. Orgasm games are a great way to tap into this state. Simply by giving an adult twist to any game can really make it fun. Stripping card games and naked twister are some of the more fun ones, but pretty much anything that is fun can be used. The key is to keep it fun and enjoyable, but also erotic and adult at the same time!

My Favorite Orgasm Game

Most of these games are best enjoyed during foreplay, as during sex it is pretty easy to forget the game and focus on other things! My favorite foreplay game is the ‘shapes-game.’ As you lick her body or give her oral sex, you can lick some shapes onto her body. This opens up and range of new angles and touches and also focuses her attention on your every move.

Letters have a lot of possibilities for some really sexy fun. Try making different shapes on her body and seeing her response. The letter ‘i’ with the dot representing a hard kiss to the clitoris is a shape that is great for most women. Similarly the letter ‘f’ with the horizontal part presenting your tongue moving from side-to-side and the curved part representing your tongue arching around the clitoris will make any woman go crazy. The possibilities are endless. I once won two tickets for a holiday in a raffle. When she asked where we were going, I licked the name of the destination on her body. Luckily for her, the answer was Rio de Janeiro!

Games are great for couples as they take the pressure that can sometimes creep into relationships away. They also allow you to experiment with slightly unusual fantasies, as the context of the ‘game’ is fun and non-threatening. Make it fun enough and she will naturally want to play until the end, providing she comes first, of course…

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