Could Timing Email Campaigns With When Subscribers Are Online for Fantasy Football Be Successful?

Fantasy football has become so big over the years, that it has essentially created a new pastime independent of the beloved sport of football itself. Around this time, offices, basements, and garages throughout the nation are packed with participants discussing who they will scout, trade, and start in efforts to put the best all-star team out on the field when play kicks off. The trend has grown popular on the web in recent times, and this has opened up some unique opportunities for email marketers, especially those who target their campaigns when their subscribers are online.

Engaging the Weekend Warriors

The overall consensus is that internet activity slows down significantly once the weekend arrives. This is due to the fact that many people dedicate these days to spending time with their families, partying or just relaxing to take a break from the grind associated with a long, grueling week. While that may be true for the most part, the internet just doesn’t shut down for the weekend, and there is a good chance that the fantasy football team owners deeply embedded in the online experience at this time will be checking their email. They may even be more likely to respond. Targeting this audience could give you an edge over competitors that limit their marketing to the busy weekdays.

The Double Edged Sword

Deploying an email campaign targeting fantasy football fanatics when they are online can prove to be a very effective marketing strategy. Part of this is because while most of the games take place on the weekends, many of these fans are using the internet to participate in some way on a daily basis. However, it also a double edged sword that could backfire on you as well. Team owners are crazed about fantasy football, so much that they tune out everything else in order to focus on their role as a key decision maker. That means your marketing message could get the cold shoulder. So while there are exciting opportunities, this method may not be right for everyone.

It Pays to Know Your Audience

Whether or not you should to craft your email campaigns around the time fantasy footballers are active online is something that is totally dependent on your audience. If you have a large number of enthusiastic team owners on your list, this strategy could go over very well. On the other hand, if you do not, it just might be a fruitless endeavor that sends your expenses soaring. Before deploying campaigns based on when you think your subscribers are online, take the time to know your audience and find out what is truly the best time to reach them.

The purpose of this article is to stress the importance of timing. While several reports show that newsletters, sales offers and other marketing content tends to make more of an impact when subscribers are online, the right time is something the statistics will never be able to pinpoint. It is the marketer’s responsibility to determine when their audience is most likely to react. So whether it is fantasy football, social networking or shopping for airline tickets, get to know your audience and tackling the timing dilemma will be much easier.

Gary San is a best practices activist and advocate for holiday email marketing strategy’s.

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