WoW Stands For Fantasy, Fun And Challenge

WoW is the short form for World of Warcraft, one of the most popular online-games. The particular thing about WoW is that the players meet online to complete tasks, also called “quests”.

WoW takes place in the world of Azeroth, a fictional land. This world has its own history and contains fantasy elements such as dragons and elves and alien worlds typical of science fiction.

To enter the game, the player selects a realm (the server he wants to use), and chooses between the opposing factions of Horde or Alliance. The player selects also the race of the new character, such as Dwarfs or humans for the Alliance or Orcs or Trolls for the Horde. Then he must select the class for the character, with choices such as warriors, mages and priests available.

World of Warcraft is an easy game to understand and play in. It comes on discs that you install on your computer. You create a game account and then the action can start! Fun and communication come first. Characters will gain various talents, as they become more developed. Professions and skills can be learned, such as mining, blacksmithing, cooking and fishing. The players may also form and join guilds, with access to the guildĀ“s chat channel.

Exploration is the main theme in WoW. The main game contains 60 levels which offer much uncharted terrain to conquer. In the Internet you will find guides which show you how to level up your character. Choose a guide that is easy to read and has step-by-step instructions.

If players are interested in completing tasks in a group – without others interfering -, they can enter a “dungeon”. Up to 5 characters are allowed in a typical dungeon. The players face challenges and can defeat their own enemies.

World of Warcraft has won several awards, including Editor’s Choice awards and is being described as the best game in the role-playing genre.

With the accomplishing of tasks and objects and the opportunity of having successful experiences, WoW offers his members a sense of achievement which could be one of the reasons, why this game is so successful worldwide, with over 12 million players!

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