Month: August 2018

Sho Online – New MMORPG Game

Sho Online is a free to play fantasy MMORPG. You need 2 GB of free space to install the game client. The recommended CPU for this game needs to be faster than 2.4 GB but the game can run decently even on PC’s equipped with slower processors. The amount of RAM needed by this game is at least 512 MB. These are the system specifications recommended by the development team. Anyone who runs Windows Vista or Windows 7 on his PC shouldn’t worry to much about the system requirements of this game.

This title has been released by LIZARD interactive Co.Ltd. the same company which has produced other games such as FunFun Arcade, and Cronous another free to play 3D fantasy video game.

The game action takes place in ancient China where two rival faction battle for supremacy for territories. The factions are Zhou and Yin. Veteran players will find a lot of similarities with Diablo 2 but this game still has a lot of new thing to discover.

You win experience in PvP battles or in monster battles. The evolution is fast up to level 10.

When you start the game you have three character classes to choose from. These classes are: The Warrior, The Assassin and The Soolsa.

The assassin distinguishes through agility and speed. Even though these class is weak in defense can compensate with strong melee attacks. The Assassins can evolve into Archers or Dagger Masters at level 10 and can use Flamethrower or Ballista. The Warrior class is remarkable with powerful melee. These class is well balanced with defense and attack. They can evolve into Adamantors or Demon Knights at level 10. They can use Crush Cart or Chariot.

Soolsa is mainly for spell casters. Their purpose is to be spell supportive magic or to use offensive attacks using magic. They will become either Taoistic Priests or Dark Soolsa at level 10. They use Catapult or Battle Wagon.

Sho Online is a fun MMORPG to play whenever you need to relax after activities. You may say that all games are designed for this, but still this game as more fun in it than others.

Whenever you need to battle the frogs, the monkeys and other monsters to wind experience points you will find a lot of weird and funny things after defeating them. Think only at the moment when after winning a battle with a frog you can collect a knife. That will make you smile thinking that this defies any logic. After all that frog used only her legs to beat you not a knife.

The bad thing about this game is that you find a lot of Chinese names for places, monsters, even items. After playing the game for a while you get used to this idiosyncrasies and you will be more focused on the action than the names of the places and items.

The game is free to play but it has some premium features because there are some items that need to be bought using credits of real life money.


Best Final Fantasy XIV Review

Final Fantasy – Popularity

The entertainment market is becoming vast day by day. Innumerable teenagers and adults are starting to play online games every day. Thus the need for online gaming is also increasing. The online gaming is becoming huge and global very fast. Mr. Yoichi Wada, the president and representative director of Square Enix Holdings Co. Ltd. has announced that they are speeding up their launch and taking their business up to a world class level for these reasons. They have collaborated with the Shanda Games to materialize their endeavor. Shanda Games has a great track record in online gaming in China previously. They are together working on the release of the game Final Fantasy 14 in the China market. Mr. Alan Tan, Chairman and CEO of the Shanda Games told people that they have done extensive market study and they have a wide spread market facilities for this game. He has also stated that he has full confidence on this new version of the game. The China market will have a different server other than japan, north America and Europe. The launch date has not been announced in china yet.

Final Fantasy 14 is a bestselling game. It has multi player facility and is fully video based. The final fantasy series started in 1987 and has sold over 97 million units all over the world. It is largely popular among the gaming communities all over the world and it uses brilliant graphics.

The latest version of the game has all the facilities a player wants. They have more battles, action and magic. The final fantasy 14 allows the players to change their discipline by changing their weapons only. This also helps to change in the level in the game and the class also. A player could stay in the game for a longer time period and can use different weapons. This makes the game more exciting and mind numbing. Also, this gives the player a higher level of excitement.

There are four types of disciplines in the game. They are: the disciples of war, disciples of magic, disciples of land and disciples of hand. As mentioned earlier, any player can change their discipline by simply changing their weapons. The disciplines have been segregated into different types on the basis of armory. The disciplines of war and the disciplines of magic are simple to understand. The other two disciples are more complicated. They have surprising features and players might need a little while to get used to with it. In this game a botanist can use an axe to kill the enemy. The switching of disciplines makes the character more complex. This can be shown by the following example. Under the disciples of hand, the characters can make magic potion using subcategory of alchemy. To use this feature the player has to change to the disciples of magic. This inter relation is spread throughout the game. This makes the game more complicated and far more interesting.

Final Fantasy Mini Games

Who remembers snowboarding in Final Fantasy 7? How about the chocobo races? The arm wrestling and basketball shooting in the arcade? I remember playing all these mini games back when I was a kid. In the recent games there haven’t been many fun mini games or side quests like one experienced in Final Fantasy 7. There have been some other mini games and side quests in the newer games but they just don’t seem as fun or memorable.

In FF7 you are actually forces to play these fun games and snowboarding down a mountain and racing a chocobo are included in the storyline. Later one you are able to play these over again and also race the chocobo’s you’ve spent so much time raising. There was always Joe on the black chocobo though that always had a chocobo with stats a little better than the one you are on. This always kept the game challenging and didn’t just let you win because you have a new awesome chocobo you trained. Having the arcade you could go to and re-play the snowboarding game and many other games in there as well was a nice addition to the game.

In Final Fantasy 8 they did introduce a card game that I’ll admit, I spent a lot of time playing. The card game wasn’t all that fun but was rather tedious in trying to play the same person over and over until they put the card you wanted to win into play. Once you got several of the best cards the game became rather easy, until some strange rules were added and you had to avoid playing in certain regions where they added rules such as “random” where all cards are chosen at random. This would make it hard to get the opponent to play their good card you want, and even when they did it would be hard to win with you having random crappy cards in your hand.

The card game in FF8 was better than the one in FF9 however. FF9 did have some stuff you could do in chocobo forests like digging for treasure, they also had that in Final Fantasy 13 where you could find treasure while riding a chocobo around… but these features just weren’t that fun, not like the old chocobo races anyway. You’d think with the new games that come out they could make some really great mini games rather easily. So why Don’t they? Okay the Blitzball game in FFX was interesting for a while I admit, and wouldn’t mind some attempts at something like that. Something other than “hunts” or “quests” anyways would be nice, as those were never very exciting either in Final Fantasy 12 and 13.

Can Reading Erotic Romance Be Good For Your Relationship?

Right now, the bestselling book on Amazon is Fifty Shades of Grey. This has created an explosion of other similar selling titles, and suddenly more and more women are reading erotic romance novels. But now many people are wondering if reading these stories is good for your relationship?

Let’s get straight to the facts then – it certainly can’t hurt. Many women say that reading these books can help ignite passion into their lives, and if you have a partner, of course that will usually translate into more passionate nights with them.

The only time it is a problem is if you would rather read your book, than spend time with your partner (although if that’s the case there are probably many more issues in your relationship that you need to deal with first).

Many partners usually agree that it does produce more intimate encounters, and even can lead to more experimentation in the bedroom if there is a certain scene that is particularly arousing.

I have no doubt that more couples have been introducing new games and fantasies into their bedrooms after reading Fifty Shades of Grey. And even if you don’t try out some of the things that the characters get up to, just thinking about it while you are with your partner can help increase arousal in many women.

Of course, not all good erotic romance stories need to be as extreme as that novel. In fact you can get romances that range from the ‘fade to black’ scenes in which everything is left up to the reader’s imagination, right up to certain fetishes. So really there is something in this genre for every taste.

Most commonly though, is usually the typical male / female scene where the heroine falls for the hero’s charms and a passionate night of lovemaking ensues.

Don’t always assume that romantica just includes human characters though, paranormal romances with heavy sex scenes are also becoming a mainstream read for many women. It has been said that some women prefer the idea of a vampire or werewolf making love, rather than a real person.

It’s still just all fantasy though. And probably the reason why the more extreme books do well – because you don’t have to try it in real life, it can stay in your head where it belongs. And if that helps bring couples together, it must be good for the relationship.